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Welcome to the StarlightInnovations Serviceportal
The central service platform for customers, partners and suppliers.

The following services can be accessed at the portal:

Customer Area
The customer area provides all information and data to former and current orders and for services taken by the customer. Also offered files and data depending on orders and projects can be downloaded.
Further more services, for example hosting packages, can be configured and new order can be placed.

The Support-Center manages all requests, errors and change requests on and for products.
With the platform new requests an be created or errors can be reported, former requests can be shown and extended.
In the knowledge base known errors and workarounds for products can be searched.

All partners and suppliers can manage orders, projects and all information and data depending on them with the Management-Platform.
All projects, appointments and tasks are coordinated and monitored, data and files are organized and development of products are controled with the system.

Product Information
The Serviceportal offers all important information, documentation and instructions on products, mainly software products.
Through the portal also updates and extentions for purchased products can be downloaded.


Mosts of the services on this platform are only available to registered users. You have to login to use them.

If you can to be part in our partner program, then contact us.